7th Street Market 7th Street Market 7th Street Market 7th Street Market 7th Street Market

7th Street Market

"The team at Conder Flags has been a vital partner to the successful opening of the 7th Street Market in uptown Charlotte. Their willingness to work in conjunction with Center City Partners is evidence of their commitment to our community."
-- Robert Krumbine, Chief Creative Officer, Charlotte Center City Partners

The Challenge:

Charlotte Center City Partners created a new re-use plan for a retail center located adjacent to the city's light rail line at an uptown location. The goal was to transform a vacant facility into a vibrant market to serve uptown residents and business workers. To meet these objectives, Center City Partners sought a partner to help execute and install the graphics for a new branding effort and promotional program.

The Solution:

Working in conjunction with the creative staff, Conder Flag took inventory of Center Cityโ€™s needs and created a working schedule for production and installation. The space features wide areas, glass that opens up to rail-side access, as well open pedestrian traffic.

To achieve maximum marketing attention for the space, Conder Flag produced environmental graphics and identity signage to enliven the space and engage customers The result? An open plan of small vendor shops, restaurants and produce stands that are unified by a market retro theme that complements the shopping experience.