Upload Your Artwork for your Custom Product

Artwork Guidelines for Printed Graphics

Acceptable File Formats (in order of preference):

  1. Adobe Illustrator (.AI) (.EPS) (High Quality PDF) -- Vector artwork. Convert all fonts to outlines. If file contains Photoshop images do not embed images and include high-resolution images with file.
  2. Adobe PhotoShop (.PSD) (.EPS) (.TIF) -- Only recommended for photographic images. Compatible with digital printing.

Please note the following:

  1. Fonts needed: ALL fonts must be converted to outlines and must be included with your artwork files.
  2. Imports needed: It is very important that you include any image that was imported into your document.
  3. Preferred Application Programs: Our preferred program to work with is Adobe Illustrator. It offers us the most production flexibility. Producing your file in Illustrator will speed up the production process. If this is not possible, please communicate which programs you are using.
  4. Color Printout: Please include a low resolution color file for review.
  5. Include PMS colors: We strongly suggest that you select and assign PMS colors to your artwork. If you use a 4-color or RGB mix, we will need to match to the closest Pantone color to produce your banner, sign or flag. Since these are very different types of color mixing, the match may not be exact, so please use PMS colors at all times. If PMS color is not possible, we can not guarantee correct color matches.  
  6. Resolution/ Scan Guidelines: If your artwork is a Photoshop image, we will need your artwork to be 150 dpi minimum at full size. If your artwork is 300 dpi at a very large size, it will slow our printing and production process down.