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Broadway at the Beach

The Challenge:

As a prime tourist destination, Broadway at the Beach requires numerous marketing tools to help promote the park, direct customers, and announce special programs that occur throughout the year. The company needed a resource that could produce and manage multiple graphics, as well as provide flexibility to mobilize and deliver products quickly.

The Solution:

Conder Flag fostered a great business relationship with Broadway and continues to liaison with corporate partnerships for promotional needs and special events. Some of those customer relationships include Coca Cola, Ripley’s Aquarium, IMAX Theaters, and Wonder Works. To streamline production, Conder’s staff interacted with advertising agencies, in-house creative departments, production resources, fabricators and individual park tenants. Together, they developed multiple marketing opportunities that have resulted in steady retail traffic and sales for a number of years.

Conder Flag also created a themed parking lot branding program to increase sales at venues and help customers locate their cars. This successful program segued into advertising banners with Coke products, making the lot a substantial promotional asset. Broadway won numerous destination awards for the site as well.