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DeAndre Adams Memorial | Conder Flag Company Blog

DeAndre Adams Memorial


Conder was recently privileged to help create a lasting memorial for DeAndre Adams and Winthrop University Athletics. Adams was killed in a single car accident near his home in Atlanta and the university promised to honor him permanently at the Winthrop Coliseum. Working with the athletic staff and AD Ken Halpin, Conder designed and created a tribute that was centered around DeAndre’s original locker. Located in the lobby of the Coliseum, the locker was placed in a lighted niche with surrounding graphics to pay honor to DeAndre as a Winthrop Eagle. The memorial was dedicated on November 10 and was attended by many of DeAndre’s family. The wall was unveiled by members of the 2017-18 basketball team and Coach Pat Kelsey. Adam’s parents were quite moved and help to place their son’s jersey and other memorabilia in the locker for all to see. Conder takes pride in our being a part of this lasting tribute.



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