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Hokie Stone Transformations Enhance Recruiting Success | Conder Flag Company Blog

Hokie Stone Transformations Enhance Recruiting Success

When you say Hokie Stone in Blacksburg, VA everyone knows that is a rock that is found on almost every building on the Virginia Tech campus. Many times, the stone texture is wanted as an accent inside of buildings, but that comes with a big price tag. The athletic department has embarked on a multi year project to upgrade its facilities for its student athletes and to enhance recruiting… a simple way to promote the Virginia Tech athletic brand. And Conder has become a great resource to reproduce Hokie Stone as a printed vinyl that can cover just about any surface.

The stone’s texture and varied color has been successfully captured by Conder and printed in several variations that always increases the WOW Factor for each venue that it has been applied. Printed on a quality 3M vinyl, the heat set material can transform a bland painted cinder block hallway or column that is a distinct Virginia Tech experience. From doorways and corridors to locker rooms and entrances, the printed Hokie Stone has become a standard at athletic venues. Conder has been responsible for most of the Hokie Stone transformations and takes pride in its ability to create the experience that defines the Hokie experience.

DSCN1940 DSCN6296 DSCN6421 DSCN7381 DSCN6754

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