The Beauty of Before & After

We are asked many times to help our customers with small scale makeovers of a room, a hallway or a public space. Their reasons vary from “it’s a renovated space” to “we want to promote a new brand”. But the bottom line is that they are trying to make a difference in how they are perceived… Marketing 101. Changes and updates vary and can include the most simple change… PAINT. But many times the change may be driven by marketing strategies, brand announcements, public celebrations, etc and can be delivered in the form of new displays, furniture, graphics & signage, lighting. It is our job to help plan for the process and execute the changes for maximum impact.

Capital improvements? Sometimes, but not necessarily. Dynamic and memorable changes can be made at all scales and budget levels. We just have to be smart in knowing how to apply the WOW factor to a spreadsheet. It truly is amazing to witness the reaction of our customers after they experience some of the makeovers or new graphics that we have delivered. Some were reluctant to change while others live for it, but the bottom line is “Did it make a difference in how you are perceived by others?”

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